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Ad Design

At Ducimus we guide potential customers to your business through effective ad design. We we know how to create ads that will capture attention and create sales.

Ads That Sell

Nothing is worthwhile in advertising until a sale is made. We have spent years studying advertising and following industry experts. We’re ready to help you make ads that convert and generate consistent revenue for your business.

Whatever the Medium

Google Display Ads

Google’s display network is one of the largest advertising networks in the world.

Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and similar sites are fertile grounds for advertising.

Print Ads

The printed word will never go out of date. We’ll help you use it to it’s full potential.


Teach your audience and acquire new customers all at the same time.

Text Ads/Ad Copy

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but so are 160 well-crafted characters.

Video Ads

Reach customers with attention grabbing video advertising.

Banner Ads

Catch the attention of your target audience in the digital and material worlds

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a staple in digital marketing, and a very underutilized tool.

Reach Users Wherever They are on the Internet

Reach the demographics who are most likely to become your customers wherever they are on the internet. We’ll help you get started on as many different advertising networks as makes sense for your business.

Case Study

Swimming Success

This simple ad leverages a number of fine points in advertising science. It might not seem like much, but it consistently generates hundreds of leads each time it is posted for free on social media sites.

Advertising is a subtle science best handled by people who know the trade. A quick consultation could easily lead to an ad like this one that keeps generating revenue for years to come.

Can You Handle More Buisiness?

Let’s Make an Ad that Catches Eyes and Converts Clients

Free Web Hosting Until June 1stTo help businesses and individuals prosper during these uncertain times.

We've all been affected by Covid-19 in some way. We've seen an unprecedented attitude of giving and gratitude exhibited by our community in recent weeks. We're hopping on the band wagon by offering completely free web hosting to individuals and businesses looking to start a website, or tune-up their digital presence during the disruption and downtime caused by this new pathogen.