How We’ve Helped Clients


Impact - Brand Refinement

Impact came to us hoping to improve their professional image and attract more customers. We carefully defined colors, revisited their logo, curated a nice font pair, and solidified some themes/symbolism that represented their brand image. From there, we built a website that was focused on being technically sound and driving actual results while still being beautiful. We also revamped their social media profiles and started making regular posts. This resulted in more customers, more followers, and more fans.

RW Jones Equipment - Branding

R.W. Jones has been a leader in the trucking industry for many years, but they needed some help breaking into a new market. Using our P.R.A.G.M.A.T.I.C. branding framework, we were able to get a beautiful and functional site online and operational form them to help them break into a brand new industry.

Antares - Focused Purpose

Our client began as an old school with years of experience and knowledge to share, but also with a lot of bad reviews and a negative public image. We helped them to a complete rebrand after they switched management, allowing them to keep the knowledge and experience of their teachers, but start with a fresh slate and begin building a powerful brand.
Antares English Learning Website

Fish Hunt Repeat - Start Out Right

Fish Hunt Repeat is an American apparel brand that came to us looking for help getting started. We were able to get them online with consistent branding, and we had their first sale within 1 week of the project start. Because we started with the necessary prep work, we were able to complete everything in record time.

We Guide Our Clients Every Step of the Way

If you start right, it is easy to grow right. We will set up everything in a way that positions your brand for healthy growth.


Meet With Us

At no cost to you, we’ll learn about your business and your goals, and you’ll learn about our values and our process. This helps us both decide if working together makes sense.


Start With Why

When you’ve joined the Ducimus family, we’ll help you use your purpose and passion to build a foundation that makes a powerful, attractive, functional, and prosperous digital presence.


Define Identity

Using the foundation you’ve established, we’ll create your brand: the website, profiles, colors, fonts, logos…(your appearance), and the voice, tone, messaging…(your personality).


Create a Strategy

We’ll help you plan the most effective way to deliver the message of who you are and what you believe to the people who most need and want to hear it. We’ll guide you to success.


What Can We Do For You?

Do You Need a Website?

We want to build that website, and host it too! But, you need more than that; you need a powerful digital presence that is consistent across all platforms and a message that will reach the people who most need to hear it. And, that’s why what you really need is the Ducimus Digital Solution.

Is Your Branding Consistent?

A study by Forbes showed that revenue increases by up to 24% when a business looks and sounds the same everywhere. We make sure our clients’ websites, social media profiles, and marketing messages all use the same colors, fonts, logos, brand voice, and more so their target audiences recognize them anywhere.

Does Your Messaging Resonate With Your Customers?

It’s not enough to target potential customers by focusing on demographics like age and gender. You need to find the people whose pains you can ease, and whose problems you can solve, no matter their age or gender. We help our clients send a meaningful message to the people they can help.

Are You Treating Your Beliefs Like an Asset Instead of a Liability?

You don’t need to apologize for who you are or what you believe. You need to find the people who share your beliefs and want to see the same changes you want to see in the world. Those are the people who need and want what you have to offer. Those are the people you want to serve. We don’t hide purpose; we build with it.