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  • Jammed out to some of his awesome music while we worked


Project Info


Jed needed a professional website that could be shown to decision-makers over church, addiction recovery, and youth groups. He  needed to show that he was a talented musician with an impactful story to tell. He needed people to respect him as a professional but also laugh at him as an entertainer. His audience needed to hear his music, see his demenor, and learn about his story.


We built Jed a modern website that was professional, but also a touch on the playful side. We sprinkled music boxes all over the site that visitors could click on and hear some of Jed’s original and professionally recorded music. We strategically placed these music boxes throughout the site, so that users would be able to listen while browsing through Jed’s site and reading about his story. As a final touch, we included some video compilations of the events that Jed had put on in the past. The result? See for yourself!

Website design

About Jed K Music

Jed K Lefevre Music is a non-profit organization teaching others about the story of a rebellious up-and-coming rock star who found meaning and fulfillment in life by walking away from the professional music scene and embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jed’s firesides are both entertaining and inspiring, and a great activity for groups of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds.

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